Friday, March 28, 2008

More BabyJamz!

Edited to add: This just in! I just took my toddler on a 1,500 mile round trip in the car...and this toy was a lifesaver. So, if you're heading the road, this might be a good thing to pack in with you...

Its time for more Baby Jamz! I mentioned awhile back how much my toddler was enjoying his Hip-Hop nursery rhymes and cutting on a rug on his Baby Jamz dance mat. And now we have the Baby Jamz Jammin' Microphone to add to the collection.

I sing in a worship team at church, so my son knows all about microphones and is all about having one of his own. He holds it, puts it to his mouth, and starts to dance. The microphone plays music which you can slow down or speed up and, of course, sing along to. You should also be able to record the baby's voice as he sings along.

I'm not as big a fan of this toy though. It looks rather cheap to me, and after days of trying I still haven't gotten it to record or play back anything (maybe its broken? maybe its just me?). It strikes me as a classic case of a cheaply made, loud with batteries toy that will fall apart before you know it. But for now, we're jammin'.