Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dawn Direct Foam

When I was sent a sample of Dawn Direct Foam dish soap to try, I was happy and skeptical. Happy because I love trying new products. Skeptical because I figured it would soap.

Thinking it was fun to pretend to be like the people in the commercials, we decided to really give it a run for its money. We had just deep fried fish for dinner, and had a very oily pan that needed washing. We squirted "just one pump" as they say, and got to work.

I have to say, both my husband and I were very impressed. That one pump of foam actually cut through all the oil and grease and cleaned our pan much better than we had hoped. And it gets better. Not only did we realize that "one pump" promises to clean an entire dishload, we realized we had only used about half the quantity that typically comes out in a pump!

So, dish soap, fish mope, I know. But this stuff is pretty cool. And I'm not even on a commercial. :)