Sunday, July 29, 2007


A ring sling is something I recommend to absolutly every parent, without exception. This one piece of baby-gear has been a life saver to me again and again. When my baby was a newborn, this was a place he could sleep, or just hang out, close to my heart and curled up tight and close to me. During a stage of colic that he experienced, it was the only place and time that he would not cry. Whether he was awake or asleep, he was cared for, we were close, and I still had my hands free to do other things.

Now that he's older, we use it differently. It helps to carry him long distances when my arms are tired, gives him a place to hang out when he can't be running around (like in church!), or a place to sleep if we don't make it home for naps.

At any age, I really can't imagine what having a baby would have been like without my sling.
My friend Farrah makes and sells slings like the one I have. She sells them near and far, so don't worry if you live far away. If you are pregnant, have a little one, or even a bigger one, or just know someone who does, click here for more information.