Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Cake Thief

The Cake Thief, a new children's book by Sally Lee, is a fun and uncomplicated story of a boy named Clarence who has a bad habit of stealing cakes. In the story, his community surprises him by showing grace, and he learns not only to make friends, but to make his own cakes!

As simple as the story is, I found myself saying "that's a lesson I could stand to learn myself." Ok, I've never even been tempted to steal a cake, but it does often seem that we go to great lengths to find a short cut - when just learning to do things the right way may have taken much less effort.

This is the lesson of The Cake Thief. Its not complicated or destined to be a classic, but I liked it. And the illustrations? They're yummy enough to eat. Besides telling a good story, Sally Lee has created some enchanting illustrations. Check it out for yourself!

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