Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cute lil' Knut

As the subtitle says, Knut is the story of How one little polar bear captivated the World. And so it is. Amazon gives a good summary of the story:
When Knut was born, the first polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo in more than thirty years, he was no bigger than a snowball and unable to care for himself. His mother, a rescued East German circus bear, didn't know how to take care of Knut and rejected him. Knut would have died if it weren't for Thomas Dorflein, a zookeeper who nurtured Knut, feeding him, sleeping with him, and giving him the love and attention Knut needed to thrive. But Thomas wasn't the only one who adopted Knut. The adorable little polar bear captured the world's attention, and now Knut is loved around the globe.
My first impression wasn't too positive. The edition I have looks a good 15 years old, though the book was written just this past year. But my son loves the book. He's too young to get into what really is a fascinating story of a young polar bear cub, but he can't get enough of the pictures. He can even say "Knut!"

So, this book is a hit. Cute lil' Knut...though he's probably big enough to scare me away by now. :)

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