Sunday, April 13, 2008

Points: Women have them, Men need them

This book isn't quite my style, but it might be yours. Its written for men who are slightly domestically challenged. I'm not a man...and my husband is a specimen of domestic perfection (he cooks, cleans, and shops much better than I do!). But if your husband is not quite so talented in these areas, it might be a good one for you...or him! Its a fun one so check it out!

(From the Publisher)

Women Have Them, Men Need Them
By I. Glebe
Published by Running Press
December 2007;$12.95US/$15.50CAN; 978-0-7624-3052-9

For years couples have been at war:
Who left the seat up? Who dented the car? And all this time, unbeknownst to men, women have been keeping score.

Until now. Intrepid researcher and lazy relationship partner I. Glebe reveals the secret formula that has kept relationships off-balance for years.

Sometimes taking out the trash gets a guy "points" and sometimes it doesn't (Is it actually trash night? Did he leave it on the curb or on top of her car while he shot some hoops?) The accrual of these nebulous points has determined everything from whether a guy gets to watch the game in peace, or attend a bachelor party. In Vegas.

Points is both a handbook and a cheat sheet. Guys are guaranteed* to find some helpful point-gaining ideas. (Don't worry, she'll never suspect you got them from a book!) And women are guaranteed** to learn new methods of profiting from the inevitable blunders.

If bestselling titles like He's Just Not That Into You helped you narrow the field, The Rules brought you together, and Why Do Men Have Nipples explained all the weird quirks and smells, Points will make you and your partner (this one or the next one) winners for life!

*Not Really **Of course.

I. Glebe
is an ordinary guy. It is from this unique vantage point that he was able to uncover the secrets of relationships and how to make them work for you, even though you may not want to. Having experienced the best and the worst of seven marriages (including two of his own), he can safely say that he is as close to an expert in this stuff as anyone walking the planet.

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